Nine Pin Cider Works

Raspberry Limited Reserve

One of my favorite things about Nine Pin Cider Works is their boldness and enthusiasm for creating new ciders. Their Raspberry Limited Reserve was released just in time for Valentine's Day, 2015. This cider is made with a blend of early season apples that were co-fermented with late season raspberries

I love it when a winery or cidery co-ferments. It shows great confidence, not only in your own wine/cider making abilities, but also in the fruit. You have much less control over the final outcome when you co-ferment, so as a winemaker or cider maker, you must have complete faith in the quality of your produce. Co-fermenting results in a truly unique final product, that often cannot be replicated. It's a real act of trust, and I have a great deal of respect for wineries and cideries who take that risk.

This cider is just beautiful. Even though it's bottled in clear glass, I didn't fully appreciate its color until I was pouring it. My initial, and only thought for a good 30 seconds, was "good god it's pretty!"

There are no games with this cider. It is a pure expression of fruit. The aromas and flavors are nothing but raspberries and apples. Even tasting it a full year after the fruits were harvested, it is still incredibly fresh and vibrant. Flavors of sweet, perfectly ripe berries lead to a dry and tart finish. I feel like I'm in the field, picking the berries myself and eating them all as fast as I can. It has a fine effervescence, reminiscent of top quality sparkling wine. I should've served it in a champagne flute, honestly, but the tulip glass worked well, capturing all of those luscious fruity aromas.

It's pretty much everything I wanted and everything I've come to expect from Nine Pin. Everything I've had from them has been top notch.

We spruced up the leftovers the next day with splashes of homemade raspberry liqueur and raspberry and grapefruit infused vodka. It was wonderful.

"As a raspberry lover, I'm satisfied." - Brandon