Nine Pin Cider Works

Fruit of the Forest

In another round of cider innovation, Nine Pin Cider Works has released their Fruit of the Forest Limited Reserve. From the Nine Pin website: "Inspired by the wild flavors of the Northeast, this cider is co-fermented with sour cherries and forage staghorn sumac cones."

Sumac cones! Who knew? Apparently, harvesting wild sumac cones is somewhat common, and the seeds can be used for making tea or lemonade, but up until now I had no idea.

While cherry aromas are the most prominent, underneath those are bountiful nutty, floral, berry notes. Fruity flavors of black cherries and red apples are sweet and inviting, leading to lip smacking acidity. The Fruit of the Forest finishes dry and tart, with the tiniest hint of tannin (perhaps from the sumac cones).

I would categorize this cider as an aperitif. It is tart and dry and whets the palate, readying your taste buds for dinner. It has more acidity than I expected, but the intriguing flavor combinations make you forget all about that and just keep on sipping.

It's hard to put down!