Narragansett Brewing

Del's Black Cherry Shandy

Narragansett is, without a doubt, Rhode Island's favorite beer. It's also the oldest brewery in New England. When I was in college in Providence, there was 'Gansett everywhere. That and Bud Light, because that's what college kids drink. But given the option, I'd take a Narragansett Lager over watered down nonsense, any day of the week.

I was super excited this past summer when I heard that Narragansett was releasing a new Black Cherry Shandy. Del's Lemonade, another RI favorite, has collaborated with Narragansett in the past. Del's Shandy is an annual summer offering from Narragansett Brewing, and is a classic shandy blend of lager and lemonade. The black cherry rendition was brand new for the summer of 2015, but it was only available in Rhode Island!

Color me disappointed. I no longer live in the Ocean State, and had no plans to return anytime soon, so I decided to let go of my dreams of ever tasting this new frothy treat.

That is, until I received a group text from my college roommates sometime in mid-July. A few of the girls still live in the area, and a Rhode Island reunion was planned for Labor Day weekend! It was a wonderful vacation. All we did for 4 days straight was eat, drink, and reminisce. And drink black cherry shandys on the beach. :-)

On the beach, we drank it straight from the can. I never knew how pretty it was until I took these pictures back in New York!

Let me tell you, Del's Black Cherry Shandy is perfect for the beach. The second you crack open the 16oz can, berry aromas with hints of lemon and yeast waft towards you. The thirst quenching combination of Narragansett lager and black cherry juice is light bodied and full of tart cherry flavors. It's juicy, sweet, and satisfyingly simple. It's low in alcohol (4.7% abv), which makes it very approachable, and excellent for day drinking.

Im looking forward to next summer so I can enjoy a few more shandys in the sun!