Kiwi Lime Pie

"It's Kiwi Lime! That's what makes it so special!"
- Monica Geller

Ever watch a TV show and the characters on the screen are eating something and all you can think is "Damn, that looks delicious?" That happens to me all the time. And if I'm being totally honest, it gets pretty frustrating. Being a foodie is rough.

Like any other teenager from the late 90s and early-aughts, I was fanatically thrilled when Friends was finally brought to Netflix. Like OMG. All my prayers had been answered. #amirite

Friends ended its magnificent 10 season run over 12 years ago, and yet people are still obsessed with it. Friends currently maintains an 9.0 rating on IMDb, and "industry insiders" even picked it as their Number 1 favorite TV show of all time, above Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and even The Simpsons. I myself throw it on whenever I need a good break from reality. It must be the combination of the terrible 90s fashion choices, hauntingly iconic hairstyles, and the inexplicably gigantic Greenwich Village apartments that make the whole watching and rewatching experience incredibly soothing.

Anyway, back to the food!

If you're an avid fan, like myself, you'll remember that classic episode from the early second season, "The One with the Baby on the Bus." Joey and Chandler famously lose Ross's infant son, Ben, on a city bus because they were happily distracted by their wayward efforts to pick up some ladies. Hilarity ensues as they chase the public transportation vessels all the way to the Transit Authority, where they find not just one, but two lost babies. In true sitcom form, they flip a coin to determine which lost baby is their lost baby. Luckily for them − although completely unsurprising for the viewer − they pick the right baby, and everyone lives happily ever after, blah blah blah.

But of course, none of this would have ever happened had Monica not accidentally poisoned her brother with her food allergen laced pie.

Despite poor Ross's unpleasant allergic reaction to Monica's kiwi lime pie, I've always thought it sounded like a delicious combination of flavors.

So there you have it. The inspiration for this delightfully tart, fruity, and wonderful pie, stems solely from the first 3 minutes of one superfluous episode of the world's most beloved sitcom.

This kiwi dessert is a basically just a variation of a classic key lime pie. I simply substituted a portion of the required key lime juice for fresh pressed kiwi juice instead. I used bottled key lime juice for my recipe, but you could use fresh (normal) lime juice as well.
To Key, or not to Key! That's up to you!

This kiwi lime pie is super easy and quick. A perfect dessert for summer!


*I obtained my kiwi juice by throwing 2 peeled kiwis into our cold press juicer. If you don't have a juicer, you can purée the fruit in a blender and then press the pulp through a sieve to extract the juice. But if you have a juicer, use that. It's easier.


  1. Preheat oven to 350 °F.
  2. In a mixing bowl, whisk together lime juice, kiwi juice, egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, and lime zest. Whisk until smooth, creamy, and uniform in texture and consistency.
  3. Place pie pan with prepared crust on a cookie sheet for easier maneuverability.
  4. Pour the filling into prepared crust.
  5. Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes.
  6. Allow the pie to cool on a wire rack before chilling in the refrigerator overnight (or at least 4 hours).
  7. Prior to serving, decorate pie with whipped cream and slices of fresh kiwis and limes.
  8. Serve chilled.
Some sparkling wine or a semi-sweet riesling will compliment this pie very nicely.
And, obviously, if you're allergic to kiwis, don't eat it.