Amaretto Sour Martini

I love a good amaretto sour. They are so tasty, all sweet and tart at the same time. All the flavors just go so well together. Sure, they're a little girly, but who cares? If I had one complaint about the traditional amaretto sour recipe, it would be that it just isn't boozey enough.

Let's be honest here. As delicious as almond liqueur and sour mix are together, that combination is weak. There is most definitely a time and a place for a low alchohol cocktail, but sometimes, it's just not that time.

Well, problem solved.



  1. Chill martini glass by filling with ice water. Set aside.
  2. Fill mixing glass with ice.
  3. Pour in all ingredients.
  4. Shake mixture vigorously until shaking can frosts over.
  5. Discard ice water from martini glass.
  6. Strain mixture into chilled martini glass.
  7. Garnish with citrus wedge and cherry.

This drink is delicious and wonderful, but it is not at all photogenic. So on that note, please enjoy a picture of Chateauneuf, who thinks he is very photogenic.